NURBS++ is now at 3.0.11 ( May 24, 2002 )
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NURBS Library download

The latest greatest version is available with sourceforge under the files section.

Sometimes I'm too excited and create a release before it's been tested thoroughly. The following table gives you an easy way to see if the version of the library you have downloaded is known to work on your platform. In this table, 'ok' means everything works out of the box, 'ok*' means that it mostly works but maybe the OpenGL or Image Magick support is lacking, 'no' means that a new version that corrects the problem should be out soon and '?' means that no one reported positively or negatively on that platform.

NURBS++gcc-2.96gcc-3.1.0Visual C++ v6.0

About CppUnit

NURBS++ is now using CppUnit to test the library. This is available for Unix or Windows machines alike. I use the CVS version of cppunit, so if you have problems with integrating NURBS++ and CppUnit, you might want to install the CVS version of CppUnit (1.9.X).

There is a tests directory inside NURBS++, it contains both Makefile and VC++ project files to compile and generate the test programs.

NURBS library installation

After you decompress and untar the library, you will have one directory named nurbs++-3.0.11 . To install the library go to that directory. Under windows you only need to call config_mvc.bat and then go inside examples/vc6. There is a project file inside that directory that should allow you to start using the library immediately: select AllTests and do 'build all'. If you have cppunit installed at the same root level as nurbs++, you can also go to tests/matrix or test/nurbs to generate the tests programs.

Under Unix, the normal procedure is to type the following:

configure ...options...
make install

You should not that the make process also installs the Matrix library. This is necessary because the NURBS library has a dependance on the Matrix library. The make install will only install the missing NURBS library.

The install process will put the resulting libraries in: $(PREFIX)/lib. It will put the header files in $(PREFIX)/include/nurbs++. The location of $(PREFIX) can be set using the --prefix options when calling configure.

Configure options

The most usefull opions are:
--prefix=/dir Indicates where the library will be installed /usr/local
--enable-column-order Indicates if a matrix is stored row wise or column wise. disabled
--with-magick=/dir Indicates if the library is compiled with Image Magick support. The dir indicates where is the ImageMagick library's main directory without
--with-opengl=/dir Indicates if the library is compiled with OpenGL support. The dir indicates where is the OpenGL library's main directory. For OpenGL to work properly, --enable-column-order will be automatically set. This is because OpenGL has column wise ordering for its matrices. without
--enable-exception Disable this if you don't want to use exception handling. enabled

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