NURBS++ is now at 3.0.11 ( May 24, 2002 )
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The NURBS++ package

Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines (NURBS) curves and surface are parametric functions which can represent any type of curves or surfaces. This C++ library hides the basic mathematics of NURBS. This allows the user to focus on the more challenging parts of their projects. The library also offers a lot of features to help generate NURBS from data points.

The NURBS++ package includes a matrix library, an image manipulation library, a numerical library and a NURBS library. They can all be used on their own but they are all developped to support my NURBS needs.

NURBS++ is being revived under sourceforge as the nurbs++ project (it is under the libnurbs directory for obvious reasons). Please use the sourceforge tools to send bug reports, feature requests, etc.

This library is now used in the Mind's Eyes project and also in the Innovation3D project. Both projects aim at creating a free 3D modeller for UNIX machines. If you know other projects which use the library please let me know. It helps justify the effort I put into it.

The library is under the GNU Library Public Licence term. This means it's free. You can copy it, modify it and even enjoy it. You do have to add my name as the author of the work, after all this is still copyrighted material. If the above license is bad for you, talk to me. I'm sure we can work something out.

I'm breaking every rule in the book and moving all the header files which were using the .hh suffix to the .h suffix. This will break any code that uses the library.

For news and more information about the library, visit the project page at SourceForge. The upper-left link will bring you there.

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